There is a vast collection of beautiful items on display and for sale, that date from the 1700’s to the early 1900’s, with many from the Art Nouveau & Art Deco periods.

Items include: Georgian and Victorian Copper & Brass Spirit Kettles & Tea Urns, Original European Bronze Sculptures from the Nouveau period and various other copper & brass items from lamps & lanterns to book ends. A rare and interesting collection that has grown over many years, with some items more than 200 years old!

One of our most valuable Antiques is our 1919 Kiss Wrap Machine – invented to specifically cut & wrap ‘Kisses’. An innovative machine for its time, weighing approx 350kg, with the ability to cut & wrap with a twist, around 140 sweets per minute. Our very own Sweet Copper ‘Kisses’ are made using traditional recipes from the early 1900’s & our precious ‘Kiss’ wrap machine to finish them off.

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