Candy Kiss

Try our very own Sweet Copper Kisses, an old time sweet, otherwise known as Saltwater Taffy, that originates from the early 1900’s, made using traditional recipes & original antique machinery.

We explore this old time art on site and if all conditions are right, we provide the opportunity to view parts of the candy making process: From the syrup in the copper kettle, to cooling on the marble slab, onto the pulling machine to be stretched & aerated and then into the Kiss Wrap machine, built in 1917, to be individually cut and wrapped in old fashioned wax paper; before sliding down the chute into the Copper tub, to be sampled by all those that looked on – ‘kisses’ for everyone!

Our Sweet Copper ‘Kisses’ are Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Nut Free. They are also free from all preservatives and are made from all natural ingredients – creating the perfect gift for all, for any occasion!

‘Kisses’ are packaged in various sizes and can be purchased on site at Sweet Copper or ordered via email and we can post them out to you. We also provide ‘Kisses’ for Wedding Bonbonniere/Favours and Lolly Bars – they make great Corporate Gifts & are a must have inclusion in any gift basket or picnic hamper. Keep an eye out for ‘kisses’ at the Bus Depot Markets, around Easter & Christmas time and ‘Kisses’ will soon be available from Old Time Lolly Shops, around the South Coast & Regional NSW.

Click here to view candy making process.

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